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Do females enjoy looking at photos of naked men?

As you may have noticed from the photos, I’m not female, but I will try to answer the question as best I can :-). Feel free to correct me if I’ve got it all wrong ?

It doesn't take much internet browsing to realise that there are very few adult sites for females relative to the huge number available for males. Does this mean that they are not interested in seeing male nudity? Well, I don’t believe that to be the case, but rather that websites for them haven’t been developed to the same extent as those for males.

The main reason for this is that Female interest is more difficult to cater for male ones. It’s a well known fact that the male is more easily stimulated by visual means. A male will be quite happily browse gallery after gallery of nude females for hours on end. On the other hand, the female requires more of a mental stimulus in combination with the photos, possibly through a story line or personal connection. Creating a website to suit the tastes of the female is therefore more difficult to build and maintain than the simple thumbnail galleries that satisfy the male.

The issue of the female needs are all too often got round by simply offering gay content, or part nude men where the penis is not shown with the female then expected to use her imagination. For some that may adequate or preferred, but for others it’s likely to fall short.

There are also different reasons why the female may want to look at the nude male. We automatically assume the purpose of sexual stimulation and pleasure but other valid reasons exist:

- She may enjoy the form of the nude male body from an artistic point of view. Few can argue that a muscular male body captured in good lighting by a professional photographer is an amazing sight.

- She may be strongly feminist and enjoy seeing the male bared in front of her with one of his strongest symbols of his masculinity, the penis, exposed for her amusement and critique :-o That's hardly surprising as for many years, men have had the opportunity to view the nude female in every way thinkable. It is indeed a result for the feminist if the roles are now reversed and she now gets to see the male exposed, displayed and presented in ways that are appealing to her.

- She may enjoy seeing the normally dominant male in a position of vulnerability. This is an interested subject, and one which I have decided to discuss in greater detail in the next blog (Nude male vulnerabilty and female empowerment).

- Browsing the internet for nudes male may be a source of amusement during a Girls night in. As with male stripper nights, females can particularly enjoy male nudity when together in groups.


I suppose I can conclude that there may be various reasons why a female may enjoy looking at the nude male, but based on visual stimulation only, the desire never being as strong as it is for males to view nude females. However, I think the situation is still skewed slightly by the taboo factor for females looking at nude males, and the extreme shortage of websites attempting to cater for the female tastes.

If you have any comments or thoughts on the above, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I’ll be happy to hear from you whether you are the horny one, the artistic one or the feminist one :-)