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My thoughts, feelings and experiences on showing myself nude


When revealing myself the way I do on this website, the viewer is offered much more than just a fleeting glance. She can study the photos for as long as she wishes, observing all the features and detail that are very specific and personal to me. This has little impact on me in the impersonal world of the internet, but when communication is possible it introduces a very different dynamic. I feel that a level of vulnerability exists due to the very one sided way in which and almost stranger has such a detailed and intimate knowledge of my body that most people around me in real life don’t even have.

With all being revealed to in such a one sided way, male ego any dignity has effectively gone with the clothes, and some women latch onto that. It’s not uncommon for me to get messages from people who feel sufficient confidence and empowerment to enjoy intimately discussing and critiquing my body. In some cases, they say what they would like to do to me physically and it becomes quit surreal given the amount of actual physical detail of me she can throw into it. I’m kind of left with a feeling that she has actually been there and done it.

In a world where females are usually the ones being objectified and sexualised on the internet by men, I think it perfectly acceptable in this day and age that females should be able to have similar online pleasures from males. I'm a stereotypical male living in a male dominated society, so such a dynamic does represent a bit of a power shift for me. However, I think I must have a submissive side to my character as I seem to have a perverse pleasure from my vulnerability and the male/ female dynamic that arises in some cases here.

I hope all that hasn’t scared you off. You are still welcome to drop me a note to say hello without fear of me thinking that you are a dominatrix :-) Then again, you know how to push my buttons now. If you think there are pleasures to be had from your position of empowerment, the kink driving my submissive side seems to be accepting of you having your fun with me:-)

In relation to the above, I would also like to point out that I have no interests in developing an online or real life relationship where we have a mutual detailed knowledge of each other. I will always read and reply to any message I receive but I don't have time in my life for long message writing and relationship building. I'm just really here to provide a bit of adult online male interest/ entertainment for females and to be a sounding board/ victim :-) for any thoughts and fantasies you may wish to have.

As before, any comments on the above, feel free to contact me at [email protected]