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Why do men have such an issue with penis size?

Well, the problem is largely in the mans head, but that is primarily due to the fact that every time he sees another mans penis, it seems to be larger than his. Now, of course porn stars will be well endowed, and the guys that opt to prance around the changing room naked will also have something worth showing. But for the above reasons, it isn’t long before Mr average start to feel a bit inadequate. To make things worse, females are also being exposed to the nude male through porn films and photos, and therefore also have higher expectations of size than they should.

Similar situations exist with females to some extent. For example, the media conveys that they should be slim and have good sized breasts to be seen as being attractive. However, for the female, a degree of reality and re-assurance is given to her by the fact that she can quite easily walk down the street, look around and see that there are countless other females who have small breast or are overweight. The male cannot look around the street and see the size of other mens penises, so he has very little to re-assure him that he is quite normal in size.

To get back to the female perception of penis size, then perhaps the photos on my website help give a reality check on that. Statistically, I am averagely sized at about 4 inches when soft and 6 inches when erect. For the website photos, I obviously pick the best angles, use a warm room, and even have a slight state of arousal on some, so you may have thought I was slightly larger. If a man is cold or physically exerts himself, his penis will reduce further in size. The photos below are rather embarrassing examples of that :-(

They are certainly not complimentary and no male wants to be viewed by a female when looking like that, so I was a bit reluctant and embarrassed to add them. However, it lets you see me in one of my natural states, and if this site is to be about showing the male body, then perhaps there is a place for a few photos of how the penis looks when cold and limp. You never know, someone may even like it. At least you now know what to expect if you ever pull a mans trousers down unexpectedly on a cold day. I don’t recommend it though, he will not appreciate it :-)

So now that you’ve seen a naked man on the internet with a realistically sized penis, you can go off and re-assure your man that he is probably more than averagely sized and should not feel embarrassed about walking around the house naked all day in front of you :-)

As before, any comments on the above, feel free to contact me at [email protected]