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Why is there a Members area if membership is free?

1. Although still tasteful and artistic, some of the photos in the members area are more sexually explicit. A declaration of age as part of the application process therefore helps reduce the risk of minors viewing the material. I appreciate it doesn't stop people lying about their age, but the fact that it's not immediately available for viewing is a deterrent as most won't be bothered to apply for membership.

2. The photos are of a more intimate and personal nature. Although I'm quite happy about showing these to complete strangers, I'd like to have a degree of control as opposed to them being viewed anywhere on the internet without any form of restriction.


What's in the members area?

The members area follows the same format as seen in the free samples area. There is another part nude/ full nude gallery option for those who do not wish to view full nudity.In addition, there is a gallery showing photos with erect penis.

I'm also planning to add high resolution viewing options for some of the photos, and that feature will be in the members area only

How do I join?

To obtain access to the members area, send an email to [email protected]


Please state the following in the email:

'I confirm that I am female, over 18 years old and would like join'

[Please note that I wish to limit the membership to females only. I hope that does not cause offence, but I am a heterosexual male, personally running this site with my own material which is geared towards a female audience. There are already a number of my photos in the open area of this website for general viewing, and there are countless other websites around which cater for the interests of homosexual men. Once again, I apologize for any offence caused, but given the personal nature of the content on this website, I need to do what feels right for me in this case]


Unfortunately my website building skills don't exceed as far as setting up automated membership systems, so you won't get immediate access. However, you should receive an email with your password details within 24 hours of your application.


Your Privacy

Your email address will be used solely for providing you with your password details

Your email address will not be passed onto any third parties.

After providing your password details, you will not receive any further correspondence/ spam email from myfemerotica.